Space rental

The Palace consists of 10 floors, two of which are underground.

1st floor 682.45 m2 (download plan)
2nd floor 708.93 m2 (download plan)
3rd floor 643.95 m2 (download plan)
4th floor 565.74 m2 (download plan)
5th floor 595.05 m2 (download plan)
6th floor 592.70 m2 (download plan)
7th floor 462.65 m2 (download plan)
basement -1st floor (download plan)
basement -2nd floor (download plan)

Roof structure (8th floor) 280 m+ 360 m2 (download plan)

Roof structure with a view

We are currently offering an exceptional rooftop space with a view of Prague Castle.

The size of the office area is 280 m2.

The size of the walkable terrace is 360 m2.

Exceptional space of the roof extension with a view of Prague Castle