The ideal place for your business

  • 1931 A building with a historic atmosphere
  • 5612 m2 Total area of rented/leased premises
  • Office space in the very heart of Prague Office space in the very heart of Prague

The Golden Cross Palace and its layout

A historic building from the period of the First Republic, located in the very centre of Prague, offers renovated commercial premises for rent/lease. Come and soak up the atmosphere of this historic cultural monument.

Area according to use

  • 3288 m2 Office space
  • 944,24 m2 Commercial premises
  • 1283,65 m2 Storage spaces
  • 407 m2 Common areas

Area according to individual floors

8th floor
66.2 m2
7th floor
462.65 m2
6th floor
592.7 m2
5th floor
595.05 m2
4th floor
565.74 m2
3rd floor
643.95 m2
2nd floor
708.93 m2
1st floor
682.45 m2
1st underground floor
685.73 m2
2nd underground floor
597.92 m2
Total area
5,601.32 m2

Rental/leasing offer

History and present

Monumental building No. 750 is located in a dominant position at the corner of Jungmannova street and Jungmannova Square. Across Jungmannova Street, it overlooks the impressive Rondocubist Adria Palace (both buildings had the same builders - see below), the narrower facade faces Jungmannova Square, on the east side of which is the entrance to the Gothic Church of Our Lady of the Snows, and on the other side the building is adjacent to the so-called Franciscan garden (original part of the Franciscan monastery of the above-mentioned church) …

History and present